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Zero Waste Food Storage Kit | 17 Pieces

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  • ZERO WASTE PRODUCT GIFT SET: Move closer towards a zero waste, plastic free lifestyle.
  • This 17 piece kit includes; 3 beeswax food wrap 1 each (14x14, 11x11, 8x8), zero waste reusable produce bags 1 each (12x16, 10x12, 8x10), 4 zip locking bags 2 each (8.5x4.7, 8.5x7), and 4 stainless steel straws plus brush and travel bag. Help our planet by using zero waste products.
  • BEESWAX FOOD WRAPS (4 PCS): Reduce waste and save money. These wraps are made with high quality cotton, beeswax, jojoba oil and tree resin - natural ingredients with properties to keep food fresh. The natural hemp cord helps secure the wraps around the item. The wraps create a natural seal reducing food waste. Beeswax wraps replace saran wrap, plastic bags, containers, and plastic wrap. Use the warmth of your hand to soften.
  • REUSABLE PRODUCE BAGS (3 PCS): Plastic is harmful to natural habitat, so replace it with our reusable produce bags, made from high quality cotton our premium mesh produce bags are reusable produce bags, with strong seams and drawstring design. These reusable vegetable produce bags are machine washable and are a perfect replacement for plastic bags. Reusable produce bags are food safe, and are perfect zero waste products.
  • PREMIUM ZIP LOCKING BAGS REUSABLE (4 PCS): Millions of single use plastic bags are thrown away each year. Reduce landfill waste by using our premium zip locking reusable bags. Thick and durable our zero waste food storage bags have many uses, from food storage, stash makeup, toys, travel, lunch box, road trip, snacks, and much more. The bags are leak proof and odorless.
  • FOOD GRADE STAINLESS STEEL STRAWS (6 PCS): Many Plastic straws end up in our oceans where they harm and kill sea turtles and other marine wildlife. Our stainless steel straws are made with SS304 food grade metal, rust resistant, dishwasher save and have no metal aftertaste. The straight reusable straws are 6mm in diameter and come in a convenient cotton bag which is reusable. The set of 4 drinking straws include a brush for easy cleaning.

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